Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Helping Me, Helping You

I think a lot.  Sometimes, that’s a good thing.  Sometimes, it’s a bad thing.  Either way, it’s what I do.  I think about thinking.  Then, I think about thinking about thinking.  Then, I think about thinking about thinking about thinking.  Ok.  Not really.  Well, maybe, but that’s not my point.  I think a lot about painting and drawing and writing and illustrating and doll making and garden growing and organizing the closets and playing the piano and losing weight and moving someplace green - like in the color AND in the attitude.

Along with all this thinking, I do a lot of reading.  I have a library of books on painting and drawing and writing and illustrating and doll making and garden growing.  I don’t think I have a book about organizing the closet.  I have no desire to get that deep into it.  I do have piano books - with music.  (One thing you really can’t read yourself through is playing the piano.)  I even have a book on moving to Costa Rica.  I didn’t finish that one.  That’s just a little too green for me.  I’m not the jungle type.

So, with all this thinking and reading you’d think I’d be a Virtuoso of Almost Everything, but I’m not.  You know why?  I spend so much time thinking and reading about the things I want to do I have no time left to do them!  I think it's a motivational problem.  Giving myself a break, though, I am in nursing school and I have all that thinking and reading to do, too.  So, I'm not going to beat myself over the head about motivation, right now.  I'm just going to do something about it.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, now she’s not going to just think or read about painting and drawing, she’s going to spend her time writing about them, too.  Yes… and no.  Well, yes.  I am.  But, here’s the catch:  You’re going to be watching me.  So, I’m not just going to write about those things.  I’m going to do them and write about them.  Aha!  You see?  I’ve outsmarted myself.  I love it when I do that.

In this blog I’ll be letting you look over my shoulder as I go through the process of creating.  You can sit beside me as I struggle with the choices we all have to make when we want to make something.  You can watch me paint and I’ll do my best to tell you why I did this, or didn't do that.  I will try out - and teach you about - different creative techniques.  They're exercises to help loosen up the brain, because this isn’t just about making a painting or writing a poem.  It’s about exploring the act of creation itself.

Next time… the beginning of the beginning.  I’m going to start a painting.

Till then!

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  1. Oh, Lord, now there is TWO of us!! I knew I wasn't the only "Too Much Thinking" person and not the "Too Much Doer". Ha! However, I do have to give it to ya, you ARE almost FINISHED with Nursing School. I can't even seem to motivate to START!! I'll follow you; maybe you can advise me! Can't wait to see the new painting! I still miss the one you painted for me! Ha! Oh, by the way, does Bi Polar count for any "get out of motivation" free? Good nite, ole friend. Me

  2. You're so funny! Thanks for coming on board. We can advise each other! And the bipolarism excuse... That works for one pole, but not the other!

  3. Thinking is our mental elbow room...how can we create without time and space around us, to empty our minds and face the blank panel or page? You need all that thinking and studying to get the ideas flowing, so don't begrudge it! That's my excuse, anyway. Writing about it, writing your way through it, is another way of allowing creativity to happen. Please continue sharing your thoughts here.

    Thanks for visiting my web page and leaving your link. Your work is full of beautiful colours and shapes, and such softness...your personal sanctuary, peopled with pensive characters. Four walls of such paintings would make a wonderful world to lose oneself in.